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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Imperial Guard Leman Russ

After trying my paint scheme out on a few guard miniature i thought i would try it out on a tank, and as you all know the back bone of any Guard army is the Leman Russ battle tank.
so after i Doug one out i thought i would see if the army painter skull bone would be able to cover the already painted Leman Russ which had been under coated with chaos black and then painted with Dark angels green.

this is how it turned out with one coat!

As you can see it came out better than i thought :)

so after this good result i set about painting all the silver bits.

after this i tried the same wash process i used on the other miniatures, using Devlin Mud and Badda Black.
this is were it went abit wrong, after about three hours of trying to avoid brush stroke and pooling it wasn't going so well. after trying everything i could think to do nothing seemed to work. even asking the advice from dave at
It got to the point were i thought i would have to re spray it and start again, so i got the army painter spray can out and then thought i would try and scrub off some of the paint with some warm water and a nail brush.
after about three minutes of scrubbing gently i ran the model under the tap to rinse it abit and to see what had come off and i was amazed to see this.

I don't know how this has happened but it seemed to have weathered the tank brilliantly and given it the rough battle hardened look i was after. so once i get the time next week i will add the detail to the rest of it.
Yesterday i was asked if i would like to paint an Imperial Guard Lord Commissar for my local, but was also asked if i could show step by step how i painted by another friend using my previous paint scheme.

so this is a step by step guide to how its done and how easy a good paint job can be achieved with minimal effort.

  • first after a small bit of Assembly i base coated my model with army painter bleach bone colour.

  • once this was dry after about 15-25 min, i then painted the cape, peak cap, boots and shoulder pads with Graveyard Earth. iv thinned down my paints a tiny bit but normally one and abit coats dos the job, just so its a solid colour.

  • Next i painted all the silver bits like his power sward, chest plate and any trim parts with Mithril Silver. i also painted the fur trim to the top of his cape with Codex grey.
  • The next step was simple but it is down to you, i painted the sash with Mechrite red as this colour is a theme in my guard army but as its the most prominent colour on the model you can use any colour you want, blues are good and so are greens, because once there washed the give off a royal affect.
  • i also added the first was to his face, using a detail brush i applied a thin layer of Ogryn flesh, allowing it to seep into all the recesses

  • Next i painted the hilt of the power sword with Shining gold ant the peak of the cap with Chaos black, once this was dry i washed the whole model APART FROM THE FACE with Devlan mud and allowed to dry.

  • next i added any final colours, i leave any small detail colours till after i have washed with Devlan mud so i don't dull or darken them too much. once these colours and final touch ups are done, you now was the model with Badab black APART FROM THE FACE. and allow to dry.
  • The final step now was to lightly dry brush the fur to of the cape with a tiny bit of Codex grey, the edge of the sword, trim of the cap and shoulder pads or any part you have painted with Mithril silver just to highlight. doing the same with the hilt of the sword but using Burnished gold.
  •  All you need to do now is decide on how you will base your model, sadly i ran out of PVA glue so will have to wait till i get some more
I hope you like this guide and the out come of this painting scheme, please feel free to comment as long as its nice.all the paints and tools use i bought from which i highly recommend above all, this model will be on display there.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

kasrkin Sgt

below is a picture of the Kasrkin Sgt that i undercoated using the army painter bleched bone spray paint. i used the same colour scheem and method i went through in my first post and this is the result. this is the store were i found the army painter spray :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Imperial guard Kasrkin Squad

After an evening of looking through my old Imperial Guard models that i had in my bits box and set in my dads i found a set of Kasrkin storm troopers that i was give along time ago by a friend when he gave up painting and gaming, they were in a bad way and had been painted it all sorts of ways and with some odd paints as you will see below.

Iv now undercoated them using army painter spray paint belched bone and the result is very good and almost no detail has been lost.

over the next few days i will be following the same painting steps i used on my three test models and will see how they come out.

The start of a new guard army

After many months of pondering and finally coming to the conclusion that my collection of Imperial Guard has been lost to the warp (lost in transit) i have decided to start a new army.
as i build this army I'm going to record step by step the build and the painting proses, i believe i have found a solid and easy to do colour scheme that follows a desert background but with the 40K twist.

the first model and test model for this paint scheme was a commissar.
The painting prosses was as follows:
  1. under coat, Army painter bleach bone.
  2. Graveyard earth, for the coat/boot's and peak cap
  3. Mithril silver, for all silver bits
  4. mechrite red for the sash
  5. shining gold for the sward hilt
  6. wash face with ogryn flesh
  7. wash over all of the model with devlin mud apart from the face.
  8. allow to dry and touch up were needed
  9. wash over all areas that have been washed with devlin mu with badab black, not the face.
  10. highlight silver areas with mithril silver.
these are all the main colours iv decided to use in my army and as you can see the affect is good.

As this model turned out so well iv tried it with a few others to see what effect it has.

over the next few weeks il be trying the painting scheme out on a number of different guard models, any feed back is welcome and any ideas too