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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The other stuff

So why has it taken over a year to get the guard army started?
Well I moved house twice got married and had a lot on in work and there were other painting bits like these
These are a current bit of work and not quite finished :)
Had a dabble in dystopian wars :)
Painted a lot of saga bits for fleebay :)
And for my friend Dave at WarGameStore 
Still chipping away with my vampire counts army but 90 zombies are TOTALY finished along with 75 skeleton warriors :)
Painted a lot of fames of war for me and for friends
Dipped a lot of FOW too :)
And got into bolt action :)

And along with all this 

Had major stomach operation
Got married
Got an asbo cat
Got a silly dog
And in 5 months this little person will arrive :)

So I've had a good excuse to put the project to one side but now it's seems like a good chance to kick start it into life and get it going :)

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